Building Design Consultants providing Design Services

As chartered Building Design Consultants providing design consultants, we can help you straight from the beginning by offering you counselling with regard to the style and functionality of the development.

Building Services

During this session we can discuss with you about new ideas, options and design issues so that you will get the inspiration you need before deciding what you want to go for.

As in order to give you the best possible advice we need to see the existing property to which your future development will relate to, we will always set a mutually convenient date for a visit and chat.

Alternatively, if you already have a good idea about what kind of development you wish to have, and what you want it to look like, you can share that with us and jump to the next phase.

Making important and costly decisions regarding your investment in a home extension, a retail store, flat conversion, outbuildings and other types of constructions is not a walk in the park, we understand that. And this is why we are happy to sit down and discuss everything, step by step, logically and with patience. There are always building regulations we need to consider, but this should not be the definite reason to decide on a specific design or functionality for your building, if it’s possible to respect it and follow your original idea.

As a team of experienced Building Design Consultants providing design consultants, we are here to answer questions, to provide you with professional advice and walk you through all the necessary steps before you decide what you want or need to do next.

Depending on your type of project, budget and other considerents, we can do more research and initiate discussions with the local councils in order to obtain the most accurate information that concerns your Building Design Consultants providing investment.

Should you like to know more about any aspect of the extension building / remodelling process, simply drop us a message using the contact form on our website, call us or use the social media, if more convenient. We are always happy to hear from you.